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At last!!! A scientific proof on Reiki

For me, A Gendai Reiki ho practitioner, i never doubt that Reiki has an effect to my health. I have been practicing Reiki for 11 years, and during that years i rarely go to see the doctor because of flu. It saved me a lot of money :). Reiki increase my immune system to a new level compare to my condition before practice Reiki.

However, some people need a scientific prove to make them believe that Reiki works, i have been seeking through the internet and find a reliable answer.

This following article is taken from

Autonomic nervous system changes during Reiki treatment: a preliminary study.

Mackay N, Hansen S, McFarlane O.

Institute of Neurological Sciences, South Glasgow University Hospital NHS Trust, 1345 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 4TF, Scotland, UK.


To investigate if a complementary therapy, Reiki, has any effect on indices of autonomic nervous system function.

DESIGN: Blind trial.

SETTING/LOCATION: Quiet room in an out-patient clinic.

SUBJECTS: Forty-five (45) subjects assigned at random into three groups. Interventions: Three treatment conditions: no treatment (rest only); Reiki treatment by experienced Reiki practitioner; and placebo treatment by a person with no knowledge of Reiki and who mimicked the Reiki treatment.

OUTCOME MEASURES: Quantitative measures of autonomic nervous system function such as heart rate, cardiac vagal tone, blood pressure, cardiac sensitivity to baroreflex, and breathing activity were recorded continuously for each heartbeat. Values during and after the treatment period were compared with baseline data.

RESULTS: Heart rate and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the Reiki group compared to both placebo and control groups.

CONCLUSIONS: The study indicates that Reiki has some effect on the autonomic nervous system. However, this was a pilot study with relatively few subjects and the changes were relatively small. The results justify further, larger studies to look at the biological effects of Reiki treatment.


Anonymous said...

Dear Gunsmithy,

as a Reiki practitioner for the past 15 years, I am also constantly searching
for PALPABLE PROOF that Reiki has the power(s) it claims.

1. It saddens me to inform You that I have not, imho, come upon ANY positive test
results in my patients or myself - by which I mean: Neither drinking 3-4 liter "cho-ku-rei-infused" water,
auto-cleaning myself for at least 4 hours or 3h meditating/praying a day, have had any measurable effects
BESIDES the well known Placebo Effect - in me OR my patients...

2. Regarding the article You've found.. I find the conclusion very INconclusive ^_^;
The guys have made one CRITICAL MISTAKE: applying the Placebo Treatment via a Reiki newbie..
How is it even supposed to work if the test subject sees the "Reiki Master" as a clown???
Wouldn't it have been the same conditions if they at least gave the goofs some BOOKS about energy healing
or something first? Their use of healing symbols, etc. wouldn't have worked anyway since they wouldn't have to be
initiated just to know how to practice Reiki.

It would have worked on the test subjects, of course :D So there you have your answer!

They just wanted the article to be published; manipulated the results by using conditions with a predictable outcome;
not to forget the seeming LACK of Double-Blind or Pre-Clinical Studies (like testing Reiki on biomatter or animals first f.e.)

The final hint lies in THEIR conclusions: "The study indicates that.." blablabla "..However..few subjects..small." AH!
"The results JUSTIFY further, LARGER STUDIES to look at the biological effects of Reiki treatment."
Which means translated: WE WANT MORE MONEY! - (they say NEED instead of THE TRUTH..big deal)

Still - Reiki has the potential to even..change lives, I daresay..

Don't destroy a good thing by over-dogmatizing the matter..sheesh..
SHAME ON YOU Mackay N, Hansen S, McFarlane O!! =D

Cheers Gunsmithy,
keep up the good work, dude!

Husadareiki said...


Till now, i still do not know how to measure the Reiki effect. But, i do know that Reiki can help boost immune system and bring healing process faster.

Though i have no proof about healing cancer with Reiki alone, i did have proof about helping influenza, sinusitis, food poisoning, diarrhea, migraine,and vertigo.

What amazing is, as i get better in sensing (Reiji-ho), i found that every hibiki has its sources, and its source usually divided in several location, if we treat it one by one, the hibiki subside and healing process is occurring permanently.

Let's appreciate the good intention of the researchers, i think it is an encouragement for Reiki practitioners.


green said...


I read your comments and i felt i should make a little comment on this subject too.
First of all, a little scientifically, when reiki energy is used, brain shows 7.8-8hz alpha rythm that is also ground's (earth's) frequency, meaning it balances and grounds the body, and also after short time brain comes to alpha mode... You can have more technical and detailed info from Dr. John Zimmerman, Bio-Electo-Magnetics Institute, Nevada.

Other things i would like to share are my experiences. I had nodules on all over my legs, arms and face 3 years ago. I got all kinds of medical treatments and at the end only cortisone was working with many side effects. Then my teacher who i knew since my childhood, offered me to get attuned. After i was attuned, just some days later all nodules were totally gone.

My teacher was suffering of MS (multiple sklerosis) 15 years ago (just before she met reiki) and her left side was paralized. Now she looks 10 years younger and all MS plaques in her brain had been dissapeared, shocking doctors.

I have several more experiences but i dont wanna bore.

So i think i have enough scientific proofs.

I'm sorry if any mistake of my English.

peace and love for one and for the whole.