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The third symbol of Reiki: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

In Japan, Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, which is the oldest Reiki community in the world always believe that level Okuden contain the inner teaching of Reiki. A student who has pass examination by his/her Reiki teacher may enroll to this class and starting to receive knowledge about the true about Reiki is.

Nowadays, Reiki is for everyone who wishes to learn, Reiki masters pass Reiki for certain tuition fees, and even for free. We can also search knowledge about Reiki techniques easily on the web. But, something that the modern information age cannot give us is the “inner knowledge” which is the result of diligent practice.

There is a hidden meaning in the third symbol of Reiki, if we carefully contemplate its meaning, we will discover a lesson about the truth of our existence. For practical use, this symbol sends the energy aiming on the center of the matters beyond time and space like a time machine.

This symbol symbolizes the sun. As modern people, we see the sun just like a thing, with no soul and no consciousness. But, in the days of old, people see the sun as a living energy source with consciousness. No single creatures may live without the sun; we owe our existence to the sun. Therefore, our consciousness evolution is greatly influence by the sun.

The third symbol works on the conscious energy of the sun and transcends every existence. As the consciousness energy of the sun is connected to the root of everything, the power of this symbol reaches the center of the object beyond time and space and brings transcendence and a change. Using this symbol, a Reiki practitioner is empowered by a capability to do distant healing, purifying karma and creating a bright future.

If you interpret the symbol from its drawing, which is Chinese letters in fact, you will find its meaning as “Every root is the true consciousness”. The true consciousness is attained when our little universe (our mind) unite with the great universe.

This third symbol symbolize:

  • The sun
  • Fire
  • Yang
  • Light
  • Astral form
  • Spirit
  • >Transcendence
As this symbol directly go to the center of the objects, it works on the spirit and give silence and peace. It gives energy and make active the fifth and the sixth chakra.

In short, this symbol usually used for:

  • Heal from a distance beyond time and space
  • Help remove karma and trauma
  • Make contact with the essence of every substance and situation.
  • It is used with or without the other symbol.

When you want to use this symbol, draw the third symbol with your finger in the air (or near an object), then repeat the third Kotodama three times and then send Reiki Energy putting on the hands (or holding them over).

If you try to send Reiki energy to a solid( a substance),use the first symbol then the energy. If your object is something emotional, send the second and the first symbols and then the energy.
But, if you feel, that it is better for you to send the third, the second, the first symbols and the energy for every object, you may do so.

Here are few examples, how we can use the third energy in daily life:

The third symbol can be used for healing beyond time and space on any substance and any situation. The effect on emotions and mentality is supposed to be stronger than the second symbols’. Try and make use of it anyplace.

Those who learned Kiko (Qiqong) or energy work are able to send not just Reiki but also other kinds of energy with the third symbols.

To improve genetic constitution, send light and the energy onto genes aiming at the DNA.

Distance healing does not necessarily mean a place in a long distance. For instance,

  • Send the energy to your children studying upstairs.
  • Send the energy to your spouse sleeping in the living room from the dining room.
  • Send the energy to a building, a room or a facility from your house on the occasion of an event.
  • Send the energy to yourself imagining yourself standing in front of you.
  • Send the energy to a piece of paper with a name on or a picture.
You can send energy to yourself with the third symbol. Choose three positions on your body and send the energy for five minutes on each position declaring “Head”, “Front” and “Back”. If possible you may send the energy to the twelve positions in order.


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