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The second Reiki symbol: Sei He Ki

The second symbol of Reiki which often called as the harmony symbol is basically aiming to our mind and emotional states. This symbol draws gentle and subtle energy which is necessary to alleviate our feeling of sorrow and suffering.

Let us discuss a little about sorrow and suffering. As human being we have the capacity to differentiate things, we can compare things. Thanks to our memory, we can even compare events in the past with the events in the present time and future time.

This ability makes us superior to other creatures walk on earth. With this ability we can choose and create our own destiny, we strive not to be controlled by nature again. We try to overcome nature with knowledge and technology which are the fruit of differentiation ability.

However, this gift is also a curse in disguised. In comparing things, we know what the best is for us; we know what the ideal things that should be happened to us. By such knowledge, we won’t accept any changes, our mind and emotions stick to such ideal conditions and refuse to adapt with changes. Then we think about how to maintain such conditions, we use any knowledge and technology that available to us to serve such purpose.

Unfortunately, not all our venture are successful, our power and ability has limitations. We can’t go beyond such limitations. There is a gap between what we want to have and to accomplish and our reality. This gap creates tensions and feeling of suffering and sorrow arises.

The second symbol of Reiki is related to the moon. As our body composes of 70% water, we would not be surprise that our body’s fluid is greatly affected by the moon, just as the ocean wave affected by. The moon gravitation changes raised our emotions up and down accordingly. These phenomenon repeat, following the rhythm of nature and create the world of balance and harmony.

Therefore, this second symbol teaches us about the harmony of things in nature. Things are comes and goes. There is nothing to worry about. Everything has its time to come, and everything has its time to go. The energy which symbolizes by this symbol relaxes our mind, release tensions, and release anxieties. It also teaches us subconsciously about nature rhythm and cycle, and the importance of non attachment and adaptation to changes.

With this symbol we learn to overcome our suffering and sorrow, and attain happiness in our life.

The symbol is made from the Sanskrit (Hrih) with the meaning for releasing all sorrow, it also means salvation. By following the rhythm of the moon, it will release the stress and free your blocked feelings.

This symbol works on the conscious energy of the moon and regains the psychological and emotional balance as well as healing at a deep level raising sensitivity and receptivity.

This Symbol symbolizes:
1. The moon
2. Water
3. Yin
4. Feelings
5. Ether form
6. Harmony
7. Invisible things.

The symbol role:

1. Regain our emotions and mentality balance.

2. Teach us about life’s nature; therefore help us to grow spiritually.

3. Help us to understand what we really want deep inside and bring to our awareness the courage to achieve it.

4. Make you see that you are already perfect in the eye of the universe, and you should be who you should be in the first place.

The usage

  • Basically it is the same as the first symbol. Draw the first symbol with your finger in the air (or on an object), then repeat the first Kotodama three times and then send Reiki energy putting on the hands. (You may hold them over)
  • Use this symbol right after you use the first symbol. So, draw the first symbol first then follow it with the second symbol. Practical application: 
  • When you feel some parts of your body get tense, use it to relax and release its tentsions. 
  • When you feel restlessness, anger, sorrow and blocked feelings use this symbol to refresh yourself.  
  • This symbol bring peace and harmony to personal relations such as meetings, negotiations and interviews and to places, environment and circumstances. 
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others by applying this symbol in aiming in a meditation. 
  • Use this symbol to release attachment and learn why you should release such. 
  • To get the guidance from the universe to improve your personality and to return to the person you are naturally. 
  • To change bad habits, behavior and the thinking habit. 
  • For self growth hold the head with both hands either on the front and the back or the sides and send energy.
  • For self-achievement hold the head with the right hand on the front (the forehead) and the left hand on the back then say mentally what do you want to accomplish 3 times then relax and let the energy tell you how intuitively.

Feel free to use the symbol during any treatment, if you want to know which positions for specific illnesses you may read The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui by Frank Arjava.


Reiki Ranch said...

Good information on Reiki symbols. The world would be a better place if there were more Reiki!

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fizzycat said...

Very nice, thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Excelent information!!!
I just took my REIKI II class & this is great to learn more you explain it so well. Thank you so much.

I am sharing you link with my friend who is also learning REIKI we are using REIKI to heal others needs. One thing to remember all the time is that we are only a
vehicle to channel the energy who does the actual healing is our creator of the Universe.

Husadareiki said...

Yes, exactly, we are just channel for Reiki. It is very good if you can learn Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, it fits best with Reiki treatment beside you can learn how qi move within our body.

With TCM theory, i've been able to treat a lot of cases with almost immediate result