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Global Pandemi pig flu

Again!!! a new kind of influenza becomes a new threat to human health. Not long ago, the world being shocked by how fast avian influenza (H5N1) spread all over the world in a short time, now we have to deal with a new variant of Influenza while the avian flu is still threatening.

This new type of Influenza which called ‘pig flu’ is said having avian/pig/human genetic codes. How frightening isn’t it, it is a combination of several different types of viruses which seems to be stronger than its predecessors.

With how fast people and products move between countries nowadays, the virus may spread as fast as avian influenza or even faster. Some countries have taken some actions to prevent the virus spreading to its people. We may found ‘body temperature detectors’ once again in many airports.

World Health Organization (WHO) have already raised its pandemic warning to level 4, which mean that the pandemic crisis is quite near. We would hope that the virus vaccine can be produced faster than the pandemic.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you may make some prevention actions by practicing self healing more diligently. By practicing Reiki, you will create a stronger aura which acts as a shield to prevent virus and bacteria entering your body system.

For someone who already get infected, you may treat this positions:
  • Head area( Head front, Side, back and throat)

  • Chest area( Both lungs, heart and thymus gland)

  • Below the navel

  • Back area ( Between scapula)

  • Lower back

Give treatment to each of these positions one by one as instructed for min. 5 minutes. This treatment will strengthened the body immune system, and accelerating healing process. So don’t worry, be cured and be healthy.