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Using Reiki for cleansing objects

In Usui Reiki Ryoho, we can clean objects energy or vibration with Reiki. This purification technique is called ‘ Jaki kiri kokyu ho’. The main purpose of cleansing objects with Reiki is giving it a positive vibration after cleanse its negative vibration with hope that it radiate positive vibration back to you when you use that objects daily. Another purpose is protecting your objects from anyone who want to stole or damage your stuffs. So, when you worry about your car being stolen, use this technique to prevent it being stolen in vibratory level

Cutting off and cleansing the bad energy technique
This technique is to cut off the bad energy or inharmonious wave, attached to substances and cleanse them with Reiki as well as send in the good energy.
Keep the hand flat and swing it like a Karate Chop, with Reiki radiating from the palm about five centimeters away from the object, and stop when it has passed the object completely. As most of the waves become fine and harmonious after three times, it is effective to perform Reiki healing right after. Cleansing and sending in the good energy are done at the same time. (Put your conscious below the belly button and hold your breath.).

2. Reiki for Crystals and lucky charms
a. For small objects like stones, jewelry, or lucky charms, place it on the palm of the hand and swing the other hand horizontally above it three times and cut off the bad energy.
b. Hold (or put) the hand over it after the swings and send in Reiki.
c. Repeating (1), cut the energy three times with great force.
d. For larger objects, perform as above, setting up the position on the object or imagine it small and having it on the hand.

3. Reiki for the air or the atmosphere in the place
a. Put one hand up towards the direction and cut off the bad energy of the four corners and the four sides counterclockwise. Then send Reiki with both hands.
b. Do the same towards the ceiling and the floor.
c. When it is unnecessary to cut off the bad energy, face the palm of one hand to the four corners and fours sides and the ceiling and the floor, and then send Reiki with one or both hands.

4. Reiki for food and drink
One way is to send Reiki energy into the ingredients before cooking and th other is to send Reiki energy before taking the food and drink. In both ways, either hold the hand over the object or ouch the container and send in the energy.