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Reiki healing for yourself

Doing healing works in Gendai Reiki-ho is very easy, just follow the ‘ Basic 12 hands positions’ suggested by sensei Hiroshi Doi is all what you need to do. In most cases, just do the head positions are enough, especially for maintaining health or in a rush.

I suggest for you to do this self-healing everyday, after get up in the morning and before go to sleep at night. For maximum benefits, here are what you need to know about healing yourself:

1. Self healing is performed by putting (or holding up) the hands on the basic positions in order. For the hard-to-reach points such as the ones on the back, put the hands on the positions close by with the thought of “The hands are on the right position”. Reiki energy will go to the positions you are conscious of. Reiki can be contacted in an instant either when the hands are put on or the consciousness for Reiki healing is put towards the position. This is how it’s set up by attunement.

2. The time to send Reiki into the basic positions for those who completed (level 1) is basically five minutes (total of 60 minutes for all 12 positions). This is set from experience that this length of time shows the most effectiveness; however you are encouraged to adjust the time as it depends on each person’s skill. Only those who just completed (level 1) should follow the basic rules.

3. After sending Reiki into the basic positions, put the hands on the positions showing bad conditions. If there is not enough time, put the hands on the positions in bad condition after sending the energy into the Head area. There is no period of time set for it. Usually take the hands off when you recognize the feel of healing or lightening( the feel of some effect).

4. Think healing very simple and feel free to perform it anytime in any place. You can get some effect even with healing of only a few minutes on one point, If in rush. Although it is preferred for good balance to perform Reiki on all 12 positions at one time, they can be performed separately at different times. Performing it on a daily basis will help healing the mind and body, releasing you from unnecessary tension and raising your spirituality.