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Reiki for pets and plants

Reiki as universal energy not just heal human being, but every creatures on earth can be healed with Reiki. If you have pets, you can show your love to them by giving Reiki healing everyday. Below are some guidance when giving Reiki to pets and animal

1. Reiki for animals
For animals such as dogs, cats, cows, horses and so on, perform healing starting with the forehead and move onto the head part and the body part. If they cannot be touched or stable, hold the hands over them from a short distance. For birds, hold them in both hands gently. 
They become stable and seem to be comfortable when performing Reiki holding the head or the neck gently. You can perform it holding the hands over the cage as well. The carps, gold fish, aquarium fish and so on, perform healing from the outside of the water tank or the pond. You can send Reiki into their food and water. Most of the pets, may feel so comfortable and sometimes sleep during the Reiki treatment. What a wonderfull moment there, when you share love and peace to your pet.  

Visit this link for a wonderful guide for a wonderfull moment with your pets  Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life

2. Reiki for plants
For trees, put the hands on the leaves, the trunks or the roots. For flowers, perform it as of aura cleansing holding the stalks or the roots with both hands. The seeds of plants or vegetables can be given the life energy by performing Reiki on them. The soil and water can also be given Reiki.
Atsuhisa Tsujimi of Izumi-Sano City in Osaka who operates a clinic of acupuncture and moxibustion had a pot of “tree of happiness” killed with too much water. Soon after he celebrated it came to life after daily Reiki healing,it died again being left outside too long. He gave up and left it as it was during the winter, he again tried Reiki healing on it in the next spring and it revived again. Not only he but also his patients are amazed with its third life.

Note: Just in case if you have pets or plants which quite dangerous to be touch, do Reiki healing with distance healing techniques is effective enough. Imagine part of your pet that you think need to be healed, then imgine Reiki flow to that part.