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Reiki Circle (Reiki Circulation)

For the first five years after receiving Reiki for the first time, I use Reiki for the benefit of myself. I am quite diligent for doing self healing everyday, but my healing ability and energy level seems lower than my friend whose doing healing work to other people everyday

It seems our body has certain capacity of storing energy, when it is already full it can’t store more energy until we increase the capacity first. When doing healing works to other people, our body does not store the energy, but works only as a medium. As energy pass from our body to our patients bodies, our energy paths get cleaned and our energy storing capacity gets enlarged.

I believe this as a wonderful character of Reiki-ho. In Reiki-ho, you can only gain maximum healing ability and healing if you heal others. There is no other way, if you only help yourself; you only slow your progress.

Another way to help your healing ability and energy increase is by practicing Reiki circle with your Reiki friends. Two or more people joining hands with the intention of circulate the energy within the group will draw a lot of Reiki energy. Those who join the circle will experience a tremendous increase in their energy level. Below is how you do the Reiki Cicle with your friends:

1. Every person holds the hands of the person beside them to make a circle. Or make a circle by putting the right hand facing down on the left hand facing up of the person beside you. By doing so, you receive Reiki energy from your left hand and send it out to the person beside you from your right hand at the same time. Reiki energy goes around from hand to hand by the speed of light. (Some people feel the energy with the hands apart more than holding hands.)

2. Many people who have not receive attunement feel Reiki energy when they join the circle. Even if they do not feel it, Reiki goes more smoothly being in the circle. Two persons can make the circle facing each other.

3. One other way is to hold the middle finger of the person on your left touching the tip of the finger with your thumb cushion to make the circle, and circulate Reiki energy.

4. To do this by yourself, hold your left hand facing down on your right hand facing up in front of your body and empty your mind and feel the energy. As you become skilled, you become able to meditate deeply by this way. ( I recommend you to find friends for Reiki circle, but if you can’t do this technique for yourself)