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Other uses of Reiki

A way to be an expert in every subjects of life is doing it everyday and every time. Being an expert in Reiki-ho is not lie on how many attunements you get or how many different styles you have mastered, but lie on how many times you used Reiki in your everyday life.

Here are some suggestions of what you can do with Reiki:

1. You can perform Reiki healing on anything like a bed, a cloth or a car. (Try it with the thought of cleansing and harmonizing the object with Reiki energy from the palm of your hand.)

2. On Mobile phone, do Reiki for cleansing objects technique then give Reiki, Your mobile phone now is protected for being stolen or it will protect you from bigger losses.

I gave Reiki to my mobile phones when I left it in my car’s dashboard in July 2008. Then somebody got in the car and stole my mobile phones. Fortunately, the thief did not take my laptop or my car, the thief just pass my notebook and took only my mobile phones. Otherwise I incur greater losses.

I believe my mobile phone is protecting me from larger losses because I gave Reiki to it before.

3. On your money and credit card, on your wallet, and all of your belongings.

4. On your proposal paper

5. The time to perform Reiki healing can be an instant. Try it in a casual manner.

6. Ms. Noriko Hujimoto of Kenko Kaihuku (Regain your health) center in Suminoe-ku, Osaka used to send the energy through a gold bar for healing. Now she performs healing effectively using the finger tips. Mr.Makoto Hurukawa of Hurukawa Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinic in Kwachinagano City in Osaka says that “as you become skillful, your treatment itself becomes Reiki Ryoho.”