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How to give a healing session

One thing to be remember, Reiki healing do not and never use concentration. What we need to do it as relax as possible with waiting attitude. Don't expect the good result or bad result, jut leave it to the providence.

Before i do Reiki healing, i always say in my mind " If God pleases, the patient will be healed". This will relax my mind and emotions.

Just in case you need a guideline, here are some guideline from sensei Hiroshi Doi, Gendai Reiki-ho founder:

1. The place should be clean, bright , quiet and well ventilated that you are able to relax. If this is not available, purify the energy of the place with Reiki before healing. Even when an ideal place is not available, do not feel nervous. Have a blanket or a bath towel ready as you may feel cool when you are relaxed. Have some healing music ready if necessary.

2. Try to wash your hands beforehand. It is necessary as you touch the receiver and it is also effective to wash off the low vibration energy on your hands. After washing, rub your hands to warm them up.

3. Remove a watch from both a sender and a receiver. It is because the energy may change the time on the watch. A sender should remove anything disruptive when touching a receiver. Glasses may be put on. A receiver should remove anything tight on your body such as a belt, a tie, a bra and unnecessary jewelry. A ring or earrings may be put on as they get charged with good energy.

4. A receiver should be in a comfortable position either laying or sitting down. In either way, you need to be relaxed. Do not fold your arms or legs and try to release the tension.

5. Hold the hand over a receiver when you are not able to touch him/her. For the areas that cannot be touched due to a burn or a skin disease, hold the hand three to five centimeters about it. Putting hands on the clothes or a blanket is the same as holding hands over the area and both are effective. If it is uncomfortable to touch certain area, a sender may put the hands over the receiver’s hands on the area, You may out a cloth or a tissue over the face of a receiver and put the hands on if necessary.

6. Explain the post healing changes. Sometimes the condition or the symptoms of a receiver get worse after healing. Some receivers have fever, have more excretion, get eczema or feel pain. You should not worry about this as it is the process of restoration to health called improving reaction. ( It is recommend you explain it beforehand.)

7. Reiki healing is performed in the following order.
a. Perform Reiki shower technique to revitalize your energy.
b. Relax the receiver and let him/her be in a comfortable posture.
c. Perform aura cleansing.
d. Put the hands on the basic twelve points for healing, for five minutes on each point. (When the feel of your hands have improved in the future you will be able to feel the places with bad condition and perform healing following the original Reiki Ryoho of Master Usui.)
e. Put the hands on the places necessary.
f. Perform aura cleansing after healing.