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Healing beyond time and space

Realized or not we are program running automatically, our mind set the program and our body run the program, that’s how it works. Mind is kind of a mystery with many facets, but mind itself is a kind of vibration in truth. Our brain and nerve system is the seat of our mind; it works like a radio transmitter and receiver, capable of sending and receiving vibrations and waves.

We used frequency numbers to symbolized certain types of radio waves, as for Reiki we symbolized types of energies with shapes and sounds. With such symbols our mind can easily tune to its vibrations in no times.

The healing technique using symbols is called the ‘symbolized healing’; at level 2 you will learn how to use three kinds of symbols which each of them have certain characters of energy and use.

Shapes in Reiki-ho’s symbols are marks and letters and considered as “the antenna to tune into the universal energy: Energy comes out from some shapes or the wave resonant with certain shapes (such as pyramids and spirals).

As well as shapes, you will also learn certain sounds which corresponding to each shape. In Reiki-ho, the sounds are called Kotodama. Some Reiki schools, only use shapes as symbols and leave the Kotodama.

Kotodama are sacred voices and considered as the vibration resonating with the universal energy. Vibration created by uttering the Kotodama will draw the energy into the shapes, then the energy will receive a character which makes you easier to use for specific purposes. You’ll soon notice that the sacred voice of Om, the sound of a trumpet shell and the sound of clapping hands are kind of Kotodama though not use in Reiki-ho.

Although shapes and Kotodama are essentially two different things, they are to connect us to the wave in the higher dimension securely and quickly with the synergistic effects of them both. When you are experienced in the use of Reiki, you may perform fully with only one of them. (Shapes can be drawn with the eyes or the tongue instead of the hands, or you can just visualize it.)

There are three symbols used in Okuden (Level 2).

The first one, called as ‘the raising power symbol' and being used in a variety of ways as it holds superior power. It may used alone or with other symbols to amplify its effects.

The second one, called ‘the harmonizing symbols’ which have delicate and harmony feeling characteristics. This symbol is used with the first symbol as it is very gentle and fragile.

The third one is called ’the symbol beyond time and space’. Its maximum effectiveness will doubled when use with two other symbols.


SkinnyManhattan said...

Really great explanation, very simply put. I've been trying to explain this myself but made it sound far more complicated and unclear.