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Get the best out of Shoden level

I believe all of you who already take course on Reiki I (western Reiki) or Shoden level (Japanese traditional Reiki) feel empower with this wonderful healing art. However, your healing ability will not improve if you only rely on attunements alone. Even if you take a lot of attunements from many teachers or masters, your healing ability will not much improve unless you use Reiki for healing others.

After taking level 1(Shoden) attunement, I suggest you practice self-healing for 21 days. In a Reiki circles this practice help you cleanse your body energy path. Some Reiki masters say that this practice is trying to follow sensei Usui training and fasting for 21 days on Mt. Kurama.

In Japanese traditional Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho) self healing is done by placing hands on 4 positions on head alone. If you feel sick in a certain area on your body, you may place your hands to that area just after you treat your head.

Sensei Hiroshi Doi, gave self-cleansing techniques and self growing techniques to enhance level 1 (Shoden) energy flow. You may use those techniques to help you get in tune more with Reiki energy.

Do a lot of Reiki healing to as many people as possible to improve your healing ability. You will find your energy level improve a lot after treat min. 10 different people. I found something interesting book on Amazon for self healing guide try this The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing

I recommend you to find and join a local Reiki gathering, because you can practice Reiki circulation with them. Reiki circulation draws tremendous Reiki energy into your group and simultaneously increases Reiki energy level within you.