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Aura cleansing

Our daily life in a modern world is being exposed to many unhealthy vibration such as electromagnetic vibration from electronic devices, pollutants, and even our negative emotions. Before practicing or receiving Reiki, it is best for us to do aura cleansing technique. This technique, will comb your body aura and make it ready to receive Reiki vibration.

What happened if you don't do this?
Well, If you don't do this, it will only make Reiki a hard time penetrating your aura to your body. Thus, delaying healing process.

1. Aura cleansing must be performed before an after Reiki healing
2. Pre-healing aura cleansing drains the excess energy and adjusts the aura to balance the energy. As the feel of your hands improve, you will become able to feel the places with a bad energy condition.
a. A receiver may either lie down or sit on the floor or on a chair to be comfortable.
b. After a sender connects with Reiki by raising both hands, a sender strokes the whole body of a receiver with both or a single hand about 10 centimeters away from the body. It is done from head to toe or from left to right of the body. The aura gets adjusted with the energy flows out from the palm of the hands and the stagnated excess energy will flow off.
3. Post healing aura cleansing is critical. As the energy of whole body is purified after healing, the flow is accelerated and it is in a sensitive condition so that it easily accepts any wave. Therefore it must be adjusted not to get any low or rough wave. Perform jus as pre-healing aura cleansing, trying to lead and adjust the flow of Qi with gentle strokes. Let the receiver rest in peace for a while ( more than five minutes) afterwards. If a receiver is laid down for healing, perform aura cleansing on one side and do the other after the rest.
4. Aura cleansing may be performed on the sender by him/her self. However it is unnecessary when Reiki shower or self cleansing is performed.

Doing aura cleansing may bring certain healing effects already, so don't forget to do aura cleansing before and after treatment. Some healing practioners have a guide to heal with aura cleansing cek this link The Healing Power of Your Aura: How to Use Spiritual Energy for Physical Health and Well-Being