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A whole new world

Its been a while i starting this blog, i thought i can have so many friends who share the same interest with me, which is REIKI. Well, there are so many diseases out there and the cost of medicine is raising up. Considering this, how come you don't feel gratitude about learning REIKI.

So, the secret of Reiki is actually Gratitude, but Reiki practitioner today lack of gratitude to sensei Usui work. They create their own technique but never mention or saying that they owe to sensei Usui work. I also notice that modern Reiki practitioners lack of philosophical background, when confronted with any religious accusations, they can't defense themselves.

As a Gendai Reiki practitioner, i share the same concern with sensei Hiroshi Doi, who see that modern Reiki practioners need to know its historical background. This will protect them from philosophical misunderstanding and strengthening our trust to this Reiki technique.

I begin discussing and mentioning some of sensei Hiroshi Doi teaching in his book 'Iyashino Gendai Reiki ho' and hoping you guys have benefit from it.

Later on, i will make research about diseases, and give you some information about how to cure certain disease with Reiki, including the duration.

Meanwhile, the world is in a stage of transformation, the financial crisis is prolonged, i believe it is the will of the divine. If there is no financial crisis, the world will plunge into global warming in unstoppable accelaration.

The world is changing to A WHOLE NEW WORLD based on sharing and tolerance.

We can accelarate it by sharing love and harmony through Reiki.

Light, love and life for you