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Things to know before doing Reiki healing

Reiki ho is a unique healing technique as it doesn’t require hard effort training nor concentration. But certain things still need your attention for maximizing result and develop your ability. Below are what you need to know in Reiki healing:

1. Simplicity
Doing Reiki healing is very simple yet it is very profound. What you got to do is just lay your hand on the sick area and let the energy flowing. Though it is simple, Reiki-ho is a profound technique for healing mind and body, you may discover more as you practice, the miracle of Reiki healing.

2. As you heal, you get heal
The important point in doing Reiki healing is you get heal when you heal. As anything else in the world, you can only receive when you give. Doing Reiki healing, you will become a path for Reiki to flow to your patients. Your body energy will be strengthened and smoothed. In no time, your mind and body get healed quicker than you doing Reiki healing for yourself.

3. Reiki healing is not a medical treatment.
Reiki doesn’t oppose modern medical science. Though it seems different, both ways are complementary to each other. You can’t deny what modern medical science has achieved so far, but Reiki-ho will increase your vital energy and immunity. Reiki-ho harmoniously works together with modern medical science.

However, it is illegal for a Reiki practitioner to give medical treatment unless he/she is license to do so. Only those with necessary license can give medical treatment, diagnose and give medicine, so what a Reiki practitioner job is helping the healing process by doing Reiki healing.

The last thing for you to concern is not saying to your patients such as these ‘ you do not need to go to the doctors’ or ‘don’t take medicine from the doctor’.

4. Reiki healing can be used with other techniques.
Reiki is a universal energy. It will harmoniously blend with other treatment techniques. If you have some religious belief, don’t worry, Reiki will unite with its essence and enhance it with no contradiction or opposition.

5. Developing healing ability by doing healing works.
This is what made it different with the other healing techniques. Doing Reiki healing will strengthened your vital energy within you and increases your healing ability at the same time.

6. From the root of sickness it will heal
Reiki heals you from the root. So, don’t panic if you don’t get immediate result. Reiki energy searches the root of the sickness. You can quicker the healing process by using it everyday in your daily life and do Reiki healing to other as often as possible.
7. Both you and your patients may feel something
Something interesting will occur as you doing Reiki healing. You may feel heat, tingling or a current of energy flowing within your body. Sometimes the muscles twitch or the internal organs make noise. It is a good sign for it shows you that Reiki is working. But if you don’t experience those sensations, don’t fell down, you will experience it later.

8. Automated energy balancer.
Reiki heals you by balancing your energy. If you need more energy, Reiki-ho will supply you with energy. If your body has over energy, Reiki-ho will balance it. So, you do not need to control how much energy should be given. Problems may start when you use your consciousness to control it.

9. Be Relax when giving or receiving Reiki energy.
The Reiki sender and receiver will receive an influx of energy. The energy will smooth your mind and body as well when giving Reiki to other person. Just feel relax and have no tension, enjoy the Reiki flowing, in that way you will help Reiki to flow smoothly.

You can learn a lot from sensei Hiroshi Doi book titled “ Modern Reiki Method”


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