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Reiki Back To Japan

While even the name of Reiki was not known well until recently in Japan, it spread quickly along with the New Age Movement, since the early 1980s in the western world. In the late 1980s it came back to Japan as a new healing technique.

A book called “The Reiki Factor” by Dr. Barbara Ray was published in the United States which defined “Reiki is science and a technique of using the light of source of every existence(Life Energy)”. A New York based journalist, Ms. Mieko Mitsui, translated the book into Japanese (title”Reiki Ryoho”) and introduced Reiki to Japan. When Ms. Mitsui gave the seminars as the first Japanese authorized Reiki teacher all over the country, many people participated and it became like a boom. I consider the role Ms. Mitsui performed at this time in Japan very valuable for Reiki recognition. The Reiki seminar with big merits by once attunement became escalated involving people who were half-in-doubt, as the merits were attractive such as “no need of strict disciplines”, “no need of effort”, “no need of concentration”, “Reiki is active throughout life by once attunement”, “Reiki healer is empowered as well as receiver”, “Reiki is active on who do not believe it”, and “Reiki energy flows automatically as much as necessary.”