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How sensei Hiroshi Doi learn Reiki

Doi sensei wrote,

I was one of the first people who received attunement from Ms. Mitsui. I have been interested in the spiritual world and the universal energy and went through Basharl, Shirley Mac Laine and Sai Baba, and I found myself absorbed in healing techniques. From my memory, I can list over 30 techniques I learned such as Nishino Breathing technique, Shinmeikan Healing technique, SAS Shin Qui Gon, Genkyoku Qui Gon, Crystal Healing technique, Kihodo Healing technique, Hypnotic Qui Gon technique, Osteopathy, Energy Balancing technique, Astral Healing Technique, SMS Silva Method, Natural Vibration technique, Seiki-ho, Doki-ho, Balance Therapy, Multi dimension Body Work and so on.

At the time I met Ms. Mitsui I was searching for my own healing technique by uniting each techniques I had learned. Although I was a skeptic before the seminar, I realized some changes after taking , such as feeling powerful, becoming healthy, tending to think positively and also the things, an idea flashed across my mind that “everything I learned until now is all united in Reiki”. I wondered if Reiki had a stupendous power within. I wondered if everything is already united harmoniously.

I decided to study Reiki in deeper levels to confirm my instinct. However, Ms. Mitsui was only authorized to perform attunement up to and she could not reply to those who wished to learn the higher levels.

At that time, there was no one who could perform attunement of higher levels of <2> in Japan. It was possible for us to take seminars in the United States, but you were required to be familiar with the language on a certain level, according to Ms. Mitsui. She mentioned the possibility of inviting a teacher over to Japan for a certain number of applicants. (it did not come true)

Meanwhile, a German teacher Frank Petter and his Japanese wife transferred to Sapporo, northern area of Japan, and started Reiki seminar in early 1993. He brought know-how of “from elementary Reiki to teacher training” and Reiki teacher of Western Reiki style was born in Japan at the first time. Since then, number of Reiki teachers increases and it is estimated that the number of who learned Reiki is approximately 30 thousand.