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His pursuit in life and awakening at Mt. Kurama

Usui-sensei studied under adversity and broadened his view by going to the western countries and China several times. As a result he was called a person of free will, and experienced a variety of occupations such as public servant, office worker, industrialist, reporter, politician’s secretary, missionary, supervisor of convicts and so on.

As he faced both sides of life and society through his experiences and continued his study of life, he started to search for “the greatest purpose of life”.

As a result of his devotion to his studies he came to the conclusion that “the ultimate purpose of life is to accept your fate and live in peace”. It means that “ Know your fate and accepted it and maintain the peace of mind and not to worry”. Fate is indicated as destiny you cannot control. In other words, “though it is necessary to try as you are, leave the rest in the hands of Providence and obtain the peace of mind”. This is what is considered as Usui-sensei’s first spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening is to know truth and reach eternal joy and there are steps to reach there. The first awakening is an intellectual awakening with your consciousness. In this stage, “it is understood in the head and not true awakening”. A true awakening is an intuitive understanding by Shinga (soul, higher-self) and to complete the unity with truth. Usui sensei went into Zen practice and trained himself for three years searching “the way to reach the state of mind of accepting our fate and living in peace” for true awakening.

After all the training, he could not attain spiritual enlightenment and asked his teacher of zen practice how he could attain a true awakening from now on”.

The teacher responded immediately, “Die one time”. As Usui-sensei was advised to “die” from his only hope for his agony for spiritual awakening, he decided that “this was the end of his life.” and started fasting on Mt. Kurama. It was March 1921. At midnight after three weeks, he felt a great shock in the center of the brain as if being struck by lightning and went unconscious.

It was at dawn when he became conscious after unknown hours, it is said that he was filled with refreshing feeling like he never felt before. When he felt the great shock in the brain, Reiki in the universe pierce his body and mind and resonated with Reiki in his body, and he felt the unity with the universe and completed his search of true awakening.

On the way down the mountain in high delight, he pealed his toenail on a rock and he put his hand on the toe by reaction. The pain was removed in an instant and it was healed immediately. This was the beginning of healing sickness and he eventually developed the technique of giving this ability to numerous numbers of people after his continuous hard study.

On top of that Usui-sensei was naturally selfless and open-minded; he became able to attain a state a state of perfect self-effacement anytime anywhere.

In April 1921, he developed the teachings and the system of instruction and established Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (society), and he started healing sick people in mind and body by Reiki Ryoho as well as giving away the healing ability through open sessions. He continued guiding and providing the purpose of Usui Reiki Ryoho Society, which is not only to improve the healing ability but also to maintain health of yourself and others, as well as to improve happiness and prosperity of home, society, the nation and the world thereby improving yourself