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The future of Reiki-ho

It is evident, a Reiki practitioner in modern world receive attunement and teaching only in one day or two day seminar. In fact, they can get attunement by subscribing to free attunement services on the internet. One day, they will realize that what they get is not enough, something is missing.

Technically Reiki-ho can be transferred to other person through a simple process called attunement. There are no differences among receiving attunement directly from a master or through distant attunements. But, distant attunement lack of emotional and psychological closeness with the master/teacher, which are necessary for making the student have better understanding about the lesson emotionally.

Furthermore, sensei Hiroshi Doi predicts that a lot of people will realize that attunement only the first step to become a real healer, the true healer develops its ability through continuous practice and self development.

The number regular of gatherings will replace incomplete seminars. As a student need more practice to develop healing ability and raising his/her spirituality, a one day or two day seminars will nor sufficient enough to cover all the teaching materials. In the future, the number of master/teacher will deliver its teaching in a regular meetings form.

Personally I believe, that Reiki will spread even widely, more people will use Reiki. Reiki will become a daily phenomenon. It is a healing method that the people in modern world needed as the cost of medicine in raising trend.