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Forgotten Usui sensei history

As Hiroshi Doi sensei confused with so many stories about the history of Reiki-ho, suddenly he met with someone who introduced him with a secret society in Japan. This society maintains the original teachings of Usui sensei.

This secret society maintain their tradition hardly, they do not easily give teachings to someone. Only those who are invited by the current members may receive the teachings. They will remain silence to general public forever to maintain the purity of the teachings. However, Reiki-ho is already spreading everywhere around the world, and its purity is getting less and less. The society feels deeply concern and decided not to keep the teachings from general public anymore.

To teach general public about the original Reiki-ho, they invited sensei Hiroshi Doi to join their circle. From the circle Doi sensei able to learn a lot about secret techniques of Reiki Ryoho.

From this society also, Doi sensei managed to visit Usui sensei tomb. Surround with Reiki energy and magical feeling, Doi sensei found the truth about Reiki-ho.

To be continued:

Epitaph of Usui sensei