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Followers of Reiki in Japan

Doi sensei wrote

At this time Usui-sensei was renowned all over the country and admired as “the pioneer of restarting Hands-on healing” from other generations. The number of people saved by this Reiki power is said to have been several hundred thousand or over a million. It is on record that there are more than two thousand people who obtained Reiki Ryoho from Usui-sensei

Very few of those were allowed to learn all three steps of Sho-den(the entrance, Reiki 1), Okuden(the deep inside, Reiki 2), Shinpi-den(the mystery, Reiki 3 and master degree). At present only three of those have been found who are Juzaburo Ushida, Rear Admiral, Kan’ichi Taketomi, Rear Admiral, Chujiro Hayashi, Captain. The two admirals took a leading part for spreading Reiki Ryoho inside the marine.

Mr. Chujiro Hayashi(1879 – 1940) received the last secret of Reiki Ryoho and became an expert in 1925 after his retirement, and he worked actively at a Reiki Ryoho clinic he opened in Shinano-machi, Tokyo, following Usui-sensei’s will. He may have been the last person whom Usui-sensei taught Shinpi-den(the mystery, Reiki 3 and master’s degree) considering that Usui-sensei passed away in 1926. The clinic had eight treatment beds and sixteen Reiki Ryoho healers, and each patient was treated by two healers