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Basics on use of hands

Open the palm of the hand naturally and put the fingers together tightly. The thumb can be a little apart. Energy will scatter when the fingers are open. It is effective to open the fingers apart widely only when you intent to send gentle energy. Do not press the hand on a receiver but put is as light as a feather.

I usually shaking both my hands before doing healing works, because my hands though feel have no tensions usually quite stiff. So, shaking the hands help to relax both hands more. In addition, feather like touch is quite tricky, it is often you already feel touching the patient lightly, but the patients still feel not light enough. Just almost touch the patient’s body; you will get the feather like touch.:)

Both hands technique

It is commonly known to receive with the left hand and send with the right hand. It is not necessary to choose hands in Reiki –ho. Make full use of both hands. The whole body gets charged with Reiki from the point where the hand is put on. (Though it is also effective just holding the hand over, but pit the hand on if possible. People feel comfort with the feel of body temperature.)

Put your hands side by side when you send Reiki towards a wide area. Put one hands one on the other when you try to send strong Reiki.

Putting one of your hand on top of the other hand during a healing session is very effective to heal an area full of hibiki (sickness sensation). Sometimes I use this hand position to make healing process in certain area quicker. Well, though healing is a process, the quicker-the better, everyone want to be heal quickly.

2. Single hand technique

Single hand is easier to use depending on the place to heal. Either hand can be used and try to perform in a natural posture. For some places, the tip of the fingers can be used. Try to use both hands for paired places such as the lungs, the kidney or ears.

I rarely use only single hand if not necessary, because it is efficient to use both hands. Even for a special case, when a certain body area gives strong hibiki, I usually put my other hand on top of the other, to give strong reiki to the area.