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What to learn and obtain from each steps

Doi sensei wrote:

Let us sort out the features of each step from the point of view of what you can learn and obtain. First of all, what you need to understand about Reiki-ho is to make it simple. There are many things contained in the first step for correct understanding, as it is for those who will learn about Reiki-ho for the first time.

However the higher levels you take, the simpler what you learn will get. It is because it is unnecessary to master every technique. The basic teachings to learn about are just a few. The rest is for you to apply, so that you can choose only techniques you wish to use from your experience.

In Level 1, you open the pathway of Reiki through four attunements and you learn the techniques such as healing mind and body as well as purifying energy.

Next in Level 2, you learn the higher level techniques such as healing beyond time and space, power concentration and regaining mental balance by raising the quality and power of Reiki and using symbols and mantras through the three attunements. In short, “improve your healing ability and expand the usage of Reiki with symbolized healing.”

In Level 3, you connect yourself with the light of higher dimensions and reach the higher dimension and reach the highest level of wave through three attunements and also contact with the consciousness of a higher dimension with the Master symbol, in short “try to ennoble yourself following the guidance and the support with the love from the higher dimension in daily life.