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What is the wave of love?

Doi sensei wrote:

What exactly is the wave of love? The interpretation of love varies but I define it as the following. “It is the life energy emanating from the higher consciousness and spreading outwards in all directions equally.”

We feel the sun just as substance, but we should realize that the healing energy is constantly radiated from the spirituality of the sun. The wave of affection is similar to the wave of love, but since it contains a person’s emotion it is energy towards a certain direction. If it is sublimated to the energy spreading to all  directions by extending your consciousness, it will turn to the wave of love


After reading this passage, i began to think that Japanese religion, Shinto, is not a religion in which western people see as sun worshipping religion. More than that, it tells us about the origin of energy on earth that sustain and nurturing all creatures. Perhaps the sun is not the creator of the universe, but we owe our existence to it. So it is understandable why Shinto people  pray to the sun as their way to show their gratitude

Think of it as “love is like the sun”. Though some may say “the sun, which is substance, does not possess consciousness”, it is elucidated in quantum physics that “consciousness exists in everything”. The sun constantly sends out the life energy in every  direction for every creature. It turns to the heat, the light and the wave. This is one of “the waves of love” being emanated from the highest consciousness in “existence in higher dimension”.