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Universal Energy is the wave of Love

Now, the word Universal energy is used in various ways. Some people claim that they found unknown energy and call it “XX” energy” and some call its power “XX power”. Some people are trying to “use it as the energy for the future”, some are trying to “use it for self subliming or for materializing their dreams” and so on. However its substance is not always clarified and sometimes it indicates the same thing and sometimes does not.

How to distinguish whether it is “the wave of love” which harmonizes each and every thing?

I define Reiki, which is Universal energy, as follows. “The power which gave birth to the great universe, created the solar system and the all lives on the earth, as well as maintaining them in good order, it is also the energy source of every phenomenon in the universe. “Also I understand that this is the energy of fine wave(the wave of love) which is being radiated into universe by the highest consciousness in the universe-“existence in higher dimension” for the purpose of carrying out its will.


I guess, there are a lot of people trying to get easy money by creating new lineage of Reiki. So, Doi sensei, try to clarify for broader society what Reiki is all about. Sometimes, I found on the internet, people selling completely different kind of energy and teaching under the name of Reiki. I believe it is not something responsible to do that. Wrong philosophy and energy will ruin people lives. No wonder why Reiki name is so bad out there.