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Universal Energy exists everywhere

 Let us think about the influence of Universal energy on us. There are countless stars twinkling in the sky as far as the eye can reach. These stars are only a part of the vast universe and are called the solar system. It is considered that about 100 billion of those as big as the solar system exist in the galactic system and about 100 billions of those as big as the galactic system exist in the universe. The “Big Bang”, considered the beginning of the universe, was worked on by Universal energy.

Universal energy created the sun, the moon and the earth, and created the ocean on the earth and bred the creatures from there and evolved mankind. Universal energy exists even in the weeds as well as in single grain as life energy. Human life exists also as a part of Mother Nature(the universe). The Universe is filled with these energies in the form of wave. Modern science revealed that “all existence is wave and every existence has the different frequency or vibrations and share the same nature. For us humans,  we are in good condition for mind and body when we are on the same wavelength from the great universe, which equals as “living with great expectations in all times” by Basharl.

Therefore, when our body or mind is on a different wavelength from the universe,eiher our health breaks down or we suffer a misfortune.

In this respect Reiki is not – “What changes your nature”-but what supports you to return yourself to “what you should be” – by letting you be on the same wavelength of the great universe-to remove any bad condition at any level within yourself and to complete “ the necessary study” for your mind. Now for that reason, we will learn the way to make use of it.


After my first attunement, I wonder about how Reiki works. It is easy to believe that we channel the energy and the body heals after receiving the energy, but there must be some explanation how and why Reiki can heal. It took almost 10 years for me to prove and answer such question. Finally, during a meditation session, suddenly I understand that the essence of Reiki practice is just reconnecting ourselves to the great universe, and everything solve by itself