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Two faces of compassion

Generally speaking, people always think about compassion word as a feeling full of generousity, kindness, altruism, or in the other word is being helpfull to others in any means. Often i discovered that those who have a lot of compassion in their heart are seeing as weak and soft, easily being harm by others. They always give others people what others want, can't deny people's request.

However, two days ago during my day dreaming, wew, its too hot during that day, i was thinking if compassion cause weakness, why people seeing many great people for example Gandhi, Jesus, etc. are those who have a lot of compassion in their heart.
It was so confusing. Then, after an hour struggling with questions about compassion, then i realized that perhaps compassion itself have many faces, forms, ors aspects - perhaps it was only a matter of perspectives- perhaps compassion is only a form of thought, feelings or motivation in which have many forms when being executed.
In a soft form, compassion might be seem as full of giving, altruis, helpfull,etc. but in a desperate situation just like a surgeon, compassion might take form of a quick and undoubtfull action to cut the tumor- the hard form of compassion. It just like parents punish their children for not doing things which will hurt themselves and others.

Well, there are many faces of compassion, care with others feeling or sharp, cold blooded action for saving a life may be some of it faces, and also many other actions in which so numerous to mention but if those are doing with compassion motive, those are compassion actions.