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Structure of Reiki-ho

Moreover, Sensei Hiroshi Doi said that traditional Reiki-ho normally consisted of 3 parts, Sho-den (entry level), Oku-den( inside training), and Shinpi-den(mystery). However, at present time, Reiki-ho is divided into 3 parts, Sho-den, Oku-den, Shinpi-den, and Gokuika-den( master training). Let’s take a look of “the features of each levels” and “the contents to learn”.

Level 1 Opening Reiki Channel

This level is aiming to open the Reiki channel within the student. In order to do this, not one attunement but four attunements are performed. This is to ensure Reiki energy flow smoothly and successfully.

So  what is attunement?

As the word itself indicated, it means to match the wavelength. The attunement process is matching the brain wavelength of the student with Reiki. By such process the student connect to Reiki energy and become a pathway for it, the student will be able to contact Reiki in an instant whenever necessary. 

What is next after attunement?

Event though, the student able to flow the necessary energy automatically by putting the hands(or holding the hands over). To increase the healing ability, which means shortened the healing durations and able to treat any difficult disease, the students need to learn some basic theories healing techniques and self growth techniques.

What would you learn in Shoden level, Gendai Reiki-ho?

As Doi sensei teach, below is the curriculum of the Gendai Reiki Healing.

  1. Summary of Reiki-ho(the birth, the history, its sense of values, the structure, attunement, etc.)
  2. Basic healing method ( how to use hands, how to purify the aura, the twelve basic positions, etc. )
  3. Reiki healing towards animals and plants.
  4. Purifying and infusing energy (how to purify places, rooms, lucky charms, stones, jewelry, how to charge energy, ho to cut off bad energy)
  5. Typical healing techniques (Reiki marathon, Reiki circle, nentatsu-ho, etc.)
  6. Healing for self cleansing and self growth( dry bathing technique, chakra breathing technique, breathing of light technique, Gassho breathing technique,etc.)
  7. Usage of Reiki after completing (level 1).