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Reiki is a universal energy

Doi Sensei wrote:
Usui Sensei said "each and every thing that exists in the universe posseses Reiki" name "Universal energy which is the essence of all existence" as "Reiki". It is also "the wave of love" as well as a pure "light" coming out from "the higher dimension".
The great universe (mother nature) revolves and circulates with no stagnation. We humans are called " a litthle universe" as being part of Mother Nature and live resonating with the wave of the great universe. What connects "the great universe" and ourselves as "a little universe" is "the wave of love" called  "Universal Energy".
"Universal energy" exists in every thing and it is "the life energy" inside the human body which gives us a natural healing ability an the power to live through our lives with strength. "The life energy" is called with a variety of names such as aura, Qi, vitality, Reiki, Reishi, life magnetism, prana, body radioactivity and so on. As humans we are considered the lord of creations humans possess more Reiki than any other crature and radiate auras vigorously.
Reiki as we know today is the meditation result of Sensei Usui, but nowadays Reiki practitioners seem don't care with meditation practices. Its too bad, because meditation can enhance your intuition and energy. When combine with Reiki, a meditation can clear your mind, refresh your mood and balance your emotions.

If you want some guidance how to meditate with Reiki, follow this link Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing: Traditional Japanese Practices for Your Energy and Vitality

When we meditate on Reiki, soon or later we can feel and even see the energy that everyone posses inside. I never believe about it before. But 2 years ago, while meditating with Reiki contemplating on mind, suddenly i can see what makes everything moves, Light. And the light has one motive, Life.