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A way to make active use of the Universal Energy

Doi sensei wrote:

“Reiki-ho” is a technique to  heal everything you see, come across or touch by being a passage of “Reiki-Universal energy asa well as the wave of love”. Being a passage means to receive the wave of love by uniting yourself with the consciousness and the rhythm of the universe and to purify yourself to transmit it as it is.

The essence  of Reiki-ho is receiving energy from a master(teacher) which enables you to connect with Reiki in an instant anywhere and anytime necessary to perform healing.

The ability to receive energy is given to each person, called attunement, following a standardized method which is to make you a pathway for the Universal energy and to resonate you as little universe within the great universe.


This statement often neglected by Reiki practitioners “uniting yourself with the consciousness and the rhythm of the universe” is everything Reiki about. All diseases are caused by our tendency to desynchronize with Universe consciousness, if we synchronize with it we get healed. Just simple like that.

 Therefore, for Reiki practitioners, during giving treatment to other please do so with meditation trying to unite your mind with Universe consciousness. In that way, you will transmit tremendous amount of energy and your patient get healed quicker.

 After 10 years practicing Japanese Reiki, my understanding about attunement is different than before. Every, human being has Reiki deep inside his/her psyche, but our conscious mind do not aware of it, attunement process is a way to make our conscious mind aware of its existence, therefore we can direct our mind to it and tap the energy for healing.

Off course it is possible to connect yourself to Reiki by your own effort, but it is easier to connect to Reiki by just receiving attunement from a master/teacher.