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When watching TV, yesterday, i was interested about the martial's art film discussion. In that program many famous people were interviewed, such as Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Cho Yun Fat, and many more. Yeah, they are martial art's movie star, in fact they did the martial art's training from many different masters.

Things that interested me was, Bruce lee's interviewed about martial arts and some of his famous movie's ,Enter the Dragon, snapshot. He was asked, what martial art is, then he answered that to him martial art is an honest expression of soul mind and body. For me, the answered showed his understanding about life not just martial arts, it was his understanding that he found his life's answer through martial arts. A way to dedicate his life and a life path to follow toward perfection.

Perfection... people say that nothing is perfect in this world, for things that great must have its weakness. But to people, doing things without sense of perfection will lead them to unworthy and unfullfiled life. So, is there a perfect thing or condition? its subjective things, one answer may not suitable for the others. However, perfection may not be a thing or a condition, for such thing will be subject to change. Perfection may lay deep inside human's mind and heart.

Bruce in the snapshot of his famous movie, Enter The Dragon, Bruce was walking with his master alongside the road. They involved in a small conversation about life. The master asked Bruce about what martial's art style that he possesed, he said; " To have no style'. This means that to those who seek perfection in anything, should detach his/her mind toward particular things, for taking a side is blocking people mind from growth. And then the master ask again who are the enemies, he answered, " There are no enemies, because the word "I" doesn't exist" . this is showing that taking subjective mind may hindered one progress, and getting people away from the present reality that always change. " When there is a chance, i do not hit, but the fist hit by itself" said Bruce. When in harmony with ourselves and the universe, an action may be taken spontaneously to balance a condition. So, perhaps perfection is a matter of mind which in a state of harmony?