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Part I. Reiki and Reiki-ho

Doi sensei wrote:

"Hands-on healing" is a natural healing method that has existed since ancient times. From ancient times, both in the Orient and the Occident, people have been aware of the mysterious energy radiated from "the palm of the hand". When people have a stocmach-ache or headache. Everyone puts their hands on the affected area. Also for an injury or contusion, we also put our hands on the hurting area by reflex action. This action is not conscious but instinctive. It has been realized that pain will be removed quickly by putting the hands on the area through experiences. 

Also, it has been found that there is a difference in effectiveness between people who put hands on. Cetain people possess much more healing power than others. This instinctive action was named "Hands on healing" and some training systems were developed to improve the ability to heal. 

It is recorded in various literature that the Buddha and Christ healed sick people by putting hands-on , and that it was performed in ancient Greece and Rome. It is told also that in Europe the kings healed sick people by the method called 'Royal Touch' which is to touch the patients.


I believe hand-on healing is a natural form of healing. I've seen many Javanese woman always touch their children on the hurt area to alleviate the suffering, its our instinctive nature. But i don't know about kings in Europe did healing touch? anyone have the information?