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Open the pathway by attunement

Let me give you a simple explanation about attunement.
When Usui sensei realized the Reiki Ryoho along with his spiritual awakening, after twenty one days of fast on Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, he reached a thought that “This power should not be monopolized in a single family, I must spread it to other people.” The results of his research of numerous literatures and study, he completed the techniques such as to receive energy called Reiju and to accelerate the Reiki flow called Hatsurei-ho.

He establish ‘Usui Reiki Ryoho Society’ and performed Sho-den(the entrance) energy giving and gave the healing ability to anyone who wished. The very first place Reiju was performed was Harajuku in Tokyo, then it went over to the United States and transformed into attunement.

While attunement , according to dictionaries, is used as “tuning into the same wavelengths of radio”, it is used to express receiving energy which is to tune into the energy in the higher dimension. “Attune” also means used as “tuning a piano” or “mentally sharing the same wavelength.”

Some Reiki masters(teachers) call it initiation instead. Applying it to the present day, it corresponds to opening the chakras. ( They do not mean exactly the same thing.)

When performing attunement, Reiki master gets connected with the wave of Reiki and surrounds him/herself with the light after purifying his/her mind and body, then sets up the flowing line for Reiki along the spine. Reiki masters send Reiki into the points of the flowing line and tries to accelerate the flow. Then master sends an excess of Reiki off from the feet onto the ground, and performs tuning again to let the palm of the hands radiate strong healing energy.

In level 2 and higher, they set up the conditions on each point for resonating with the wave of the higher dimension using symbols and mantras.

All above should be performed thoroughly by masters who are capable of sending clear and fine energy of Reiki, and this is called “the essence of Reiki-ho.”