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Love yourself first

There are a lot of things to learn about,well... you can't say that you are growing if you always do the things that you already know and expert in it...right?? I mean, we can have a good result if we do things which become our own expertise, but we don't learn a lot from it compare when we do it for the first time. Sometimes, we need do things that is not our own expertise.though we may not be able to do it better than those who have expertise in that field. However, our brain are stimulated and we will have a new perspective in seeing things. Off course doing things differently will need changes in perspective, automatically enriched our way of thinking. If you are a business manager, doesn't cost you too much when you learn how to dance, or writing a poem. Its seems silly for the first time, but when we do it, we learn how to see life from other perspectives, and somehow when we back to our life, we have changed in our way of thinking and wiser...