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Level 3 (Shinpiden) Reaching a higher level of vibration

As students practice to purify their mind and body in level 2, now it’s the time for them to take a higher learning in Reiki-ho. Level 3 or called Shinpiden offer a deeper learning into the spiritual dimension of Reiki-ho. Three attunements will be given along with “the fourth symbol and mantra”. The fourth symbol, called Usui symbol or Master symbol, is at the highest of Reiki-ho and considered very sacred oveseas. Those attunements change the way the energy flow, finer and denser. Some people even start feeling some kind of sweetness and peace of mind. 

At this level, you will not consider Reiki just as a technique but you hope to become connected and resonate with the consciousness in the higher dimension. The wave of guidance for spiritual growth will raise your spirit through your daily life at all times. In this level, the healing ability and self-cleansing ability with Reiki progress remarkably.

You learn and practice in as follows
1.  The meaning and usage of the fourth symbol, “Master symbol”
2.  Contacting technique with the higher dimension ( The consciousness in the higher dimension,   higher self, etc.)
3. Deepen your meditation and raising yourself ( meditation technique, affirmation technique, etc.)
4. Usui sensei’s essence of Reiki-ho (Master’s understanding and teaching of Reiki)
5. Milestone to spiritual awakenings(Making use of Reiki in daily life, hints for creative life)
6. Instruction of traditional techniques
7. Self cleansing and self growing technique( Vibration brathing technique, vibration meditation technique, etc.)