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Level 2 (Oku-den), Enhancing Reiki Power

As a student’s Reiki channel being opened in shoden level, he/she already become a clear path of Reiki. Furthermore, he/she must undertake certain trainings or exercises strengthening the flow of Reiki. It could take years before a student reach a desirable energy level and spiritual awareness.

In helping the students use Reiki in their daily life and progress quickly, Sensei Usui created symbols and mantras system. Each symbols and mantras conveys certain life principles which will soon being understood when communicated through Reiki as medium and being practice daily.

Oku-den level gives three attunements, each attunement perform for each symbol and mantra. So, there are three symbols and three mantras being communicated to the students through attunements process. (note: symbols are shapes and letters, mantra<kotodama> are voices and sounds.)

After the Oku-den attunement, the quality of Reiki energy improves and the healing power gets twice as strong. In addition, by using the symbols and mantras, you become able to use Reiki at unlimited stages; for instance, concentrate all the energy on a particular point, sending the energy to balance and harmonize feelings, or perform healing connecting your consciousness with the future.


What will you learn  and practice in  Oku-den (level 2)  ? 


  1. The basis of the symbolized healing (understanding of healing with the symbols and mantras and their usage).
  2. The first symbol, “ the symbol of enhancing power”, and its usage.
  3. The second symbol, “ the symbol of harmony”, and its usage.
  4. The third symbol, “the symbol of beyond time and space”, and its usage
    1. Healing in distance (healing technique from distance)
    2. Healing towards the past (Healing trauma focusing on the past. Clearing karma)
    3. Healing towards the future(sending Reiki energy into yourself in the future, setting up the desirable self image of situations)
  5. Typical healing technique (Reiki box, de-programming habits)
  6. Traditional techniques
  7. Self cleansing and self growing technique(Hatsurei-ho{combination of exercise/meditation for spiritual growth}, self cleaning technique, cell activation technique)
  8. Usage of Reiki after completing  <level 2>