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Happy new year 2009

This new year, brings its blessings to everyone. Many opportunities are open for us to take it. Be always faithfull that God always there to protect and guide you. I am quite happy and feel deep gratitude to God, finally i realized that God never abandon me, always with and always guide me. 

Last year, i've learn how to communicate well with many diverse people, learn to use my mind efficiently and effectively. How to build a simple website, you may visit it if you wish 

Now, a lot of opportunities are wide open in front of me, career, relationship, spiritual and skill, i can not say how much i grateful for it.

Some time in our life, we have setback, things seem not flow as we are expected, but don't worry, we are under guidance of God, in whom, only expect for us to be better. Our mistakes and failure, desperate condition etc are our chances for being better and closer to GOD,

Don't worry my friends,

Things are going better and better, we are going to God, nowhere else we can go,