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Discusion on Iyashino Gendai Reiki-ho: Introduction 1#

Modern Reiki Method for Healing

“The essence of Traditional Technique and Wester Reiki”

Reiki-ho is a technique for healing and enligthment using light and energy. Reiki-ho is atechnique for healing using universal Energy.

Reiki-ho is a traditional way of using Qi for hands on healing of body and mind. In the western world Reiki-ho is written “Reiki”. It is a kind of superior healing technique and widespread in the world mainly based in the USA and still spreading. Understanding Reiki-ho.

1. No hard training is necessary. Once you receive the Reiki Energy, you can start doing “ hands on healing”
2. Once you get the ability, you never get lose it, it remains forever.
3. Concentration is not needed. Just putting your hands on allows the energy to flow as needed.
4. The effect doesn’t differ from the believer or non-believer.
5. You do not get any bad energy.

Nothing but goodness comes from Reiki-ho, it is a superior technique not only for healing mind and body but also for raising your spirituality.

Reiki-ho is a Saving Message From the Ancients.

Use of this method of Universal Reiki energy was developed as a secret methog by “Shaman” in ancient times(before history) and used for healing and guidance for people, teaching them to create a balance with nature. It had been handed down without being revealed to the public eye, But about a little over hundred years ago it was rediscovered by Mikao Usui and was perfected as :Usui Reiki Ryoho” a healing technique by the radiation of light and qi. Since then, Reiki-ho has been not only healed many very ill people, but it has also been passed to other people giving them ”the ablity to heal”.

In Japan there were only a few people who knew about the existence of Reiki-ho untull it returned from the USA, in Japan it was kept secret even thought it was founded by the Japanese.But since an American Reiki Book was published in Japanese which has some Reiki Symbols in it, it has spread very quickly along with the “Qi Gong Boom".