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Discusion on Iyashino Gendai Reiki-ho: Introduction 2#

Significance of Reiki-ho’s Return to Japan.

Recently the number of people who are interested in Reiki-ho has increased and is spreading rapidly, many publishers are publishing Reiki books, and special articles of Reiki-ho are published in the spiritual magazine. Some have ever revealed the master symbols which was secret in Japan for a long time. At last the seal was opened. The phenomena were happening. I understand that the time may not be ripe for these phenomena, but we need this Reiki-ho for Japan now.

To create a peaceful and rich society , do not be misguided by the idea of end of the century prophecies; seek for joy and happiness now.
I believe that we shoul constantly make the effort to aim for a higher self, and take responsibility for our own life.
The environment surrounding us is filled with stress and excess tension harming mind and body. There is no room for people to give compassion for others when people themselves are in pain. We first, must release ourselves from unnecessary tension and learn to live in relaxing always. Reiki-ho is wonderfully effective as a relaxation method to eliminate stress.

Let’s Understand More About Reiki-ho
Nowadays, there are many groups and individuals who offer seminars for Reiki-ho. And the number of Reiki Masters(teachers) who can perform the “energy initiation” has gradually increased. When on Dec 23rd 1997, there was a lecture meeting in Tokyo, I participated in featuring “Teaching traditional Reiki”. I participated as one of the speakers. There it was reported that there is about 2.000 people registered with “Reiki websites”

Now, do all Reiki Masters have the same ability as each other? Whoever you learned from, is the level the same? Why is there a difference between the duration of seminars or curriculum? Is the traditional Reiki Usui-sensei founded and western Reiki the same?
How are the attunements performed? Etc.

No clear answer was given to those who wanted to learn Reiki from now.

Also for people who have already learned Reiki-ho, is there enough follow up teaching given to each level of Reiki taught? For example some might say, “it seems like I felt it was effective but actually I’m not quite sure”. After I took the seminar, the others said” I was taught you don’t get bad energy, but I found that I felt pain each time I gave a Reiki session”.