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Discusion on Iyashino Gendai Reiki-ho: Introduction 3#

How do you Guide and Teach Them?

I will try to explain the answers to these questions through my experience hoping to be understood by everybody. Also the technique for self cleansing and self growth will be taught in this book. Before I stated the five characteristics of Reiki-ho, but those are only part of the story, The real quality of Reiki-ho is not that easy. If you understood all those, you may limit your Reiki-ho to that much of the teaching without making any effort to learn more, or Reiki-ho could be taken as a technique to develop and satisfy an egotistic purpose and make you arrogant and proud. This kind of attitude is far from the true use of Reiki-ho. There’s no need to say that.

The essence of Reiki-ho is not only limited to developing the healing ability, it should also be used for self cleansing, self-growth and self empowerment, we complete the “necessary study” through our daily life in.

Part 1. “This is Reiki-ho” is useful for the people who have already learned Reiki and for people who want to learn now, this section provides the necessary knowledge.

Part 2. “Reiki Q & A” I am answering and explaining questions, for people to understand Reiki Deeper.

Part 3. “Techniques for self cleansing and Growth” I am introducing the procedures and techniques for self cleansing and self growth, and also offering various kinds of useful technique for self empowerment. Especially by showing the technique Usui- sensei taught, Hatsurei-ho, it is very usefull as an exercise for developing your ability and progressing your spirituality.

After they amster all these processes, people can use them for seeking the(ultimate)enlightment that Usui-sensei reached I am introducing in this book that ultimate way of Reiki use. It is my pleasure if only one more person who uses this book as a guide, is able to understand the true Reiki level.

1998 February. Doi Hiroshi