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Characteristics of Reiki-ho- part I

Doi Sensei wrote:
Let me introduce the characteristics of Reiki-ho. Whilst many other individuals and groups taking part in spreading Reiki-ho have already sorted them out. I put them together into eleven points as follows:
I have added some explanations necessary to prevent misunderstanding from superficial interpretation.

1. No Training necessary – Anybody can perform healing from the moment the pathway of Reiki is opened by attunement. Though training to obtain the healing ability is not necessary, it is necessary that you continue to purify yourself and develop your spirituality to improve the healing ability and become a clear pathway of Reiki energy.
2. The ability is never lost- You will never lose the ability once the pathway of Reiki is opened even if it never gets used again. As the ability you obtain from attunement is basic and the first step, improving it depends on each person's cultivation of the mind. In other words, your ability stays at the beginning level if you do not use it.

3. Power up- The more power of Reiki healing you use the stronger it gets. The more you use it the stronger its power gets and at the same time mind and body of yourself and others gets healed, but it is important that you recognize yourself as a pathway of Reiki. If you have an illusion that the power is your own or try to strengthen the healing with your consciousness, you will loose your power of life and health.

4. No concentration or effort necessary – concentration or effort are unnecessary, just as Reiki flows as much as is needed will automatically be supplied when your hand is put on (held upon). Concentration or condensation of feeling is unnecessary and need not be done. But it is essential that you relax and put your hands on in mindfulness.

To be continued