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Characteristics of Reiki-ho- part 2

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  1. No bad energy gets carried- As Reiki is a clear light, neither does it carry negative energy nor receive bad energy. As long as the pathway of Reiki is clear, no need to worry about it. Place your mind in the whole of the body and maintain your spirit in high level to prevent tuning to low wave energy.

  1. Effective regardless of belief- No matter what religion or ideology you believe, and whether or not you believe it, Reiki will remain efficient. As it is effective on unconscious patients, pets or plants, it does not matter whether or not you believe it. However, people have the right to reject it. You should not force it on anyone, as the energy will not flow in the person who reject it.
  1. Effective on any creature – Reiki healing is effective on all creatures, humans, animals and plants, and it can be used to purify the energy of substances such as minerals or place. Reiki is effective on any existence in the universe. However, it is important to keep your consciousness clear and not to tune to low or rough wave.
  1. Synergistically effective with other methods – its effectiveness is doubled when used with medicines or other techniques(acupuncture, moxibustion, Kiko (Qi-gong), chiropractic, energy work, etc.) Reiki revitalizes Life Energy and enhances the natural healing ability. Medicines and other techniques can be as effective as it should be by the synergistic effect with Reiki.
  1. Transcends space and time – Reiki enables you to perform healing in the distance, towards the past or the future by using the symbols. All existence is a wave. Others and yourself are identical in reality, and there is no wall of space and time. Although the symbols are useful, they become unnecessary once you understand the essence of the energy.
  1. Purify karma – Reiki is useful for purifying karma or healing trauma. Also it is efficient to improve DNA. Bad karma from the past should be atoned for true happiness. To do so, your karma from the past has to be extinguished by repeating self-cleansing with Reiki energy. It is important that you try to pursue your life with no karma.
  1. Milestone to spiritual awakening – You will be able to strive for self-realization by tuning to the root of Reiki through self cleansing meditation, and face Reiki on a daily basis. The essence of Reiki is to reach the stage of spiritual awakening which Usui-sensei accomplished by following Reiki in his daily life. In other words, it is to accomplish self-realization in silence, peace and supreme bliss.