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Enter meditation state quickly

We realize it or not, meditation has been synonymous with emptyin mind. It is wrong. What meditation teachers want to emphasize is to reach the condition of no-mind. This situation is different with emptying the mind. 

What is the difference? 

Mind in essence can not be empty, if its empty it means death. Thus, it is impossible to empty the mind. When you struggle to empty your mind, you just replace your already possesed mind with 'trying to empty the mind' mind. It just like removing the glass with coffee pouring tea for coffee instead. Remain clouded mind and will never be essentially invisible. 

Entering the condition of no mind should be natural, without coercion, for that we must be in a relaxed condition. 
Find yourself sitting in a chair with no back.
Start by preparing your body position. Erect your spine and find your crown facing the ceiling. Place both hands above your thigh with your palm facing to the ceiling. Make sure your both feet facing the floor. O yes, give a little distance between your arm and body. 

Try to close your eyes,take a full long breath and breath out slowly through the nose. Hold briefly. Then breath out immediately in a burst. This will make your musles relax quickly. Repeat three times.

Then, take a breath, but before your lungs full of breath, breath it out.  And when your lungs almost empty, breath in. Slowly, your mind getting calm and relax, enjoy this moment for a while.
Gradually, your mind is showing its clarity to you, be calm ....and be relax
If you decide to end the session. Move your fingers, and open your eyes slowly. Congratulations ... you have successfully meditate.