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Hara point secret

Most of the meditation techniques known to us including Reiki, put emphasize on how important Hara or Tantien point is. Though it is an important teaching, but it is also neglected by us. Yes, because everyone always talk about it, and it is so simple, we often neglected something that simple, don't we? But, it is unfortunately is the key to any successful meditation practice. It is the door, where the vitality force in the air can get inside our energy system and directly nourish our sumshumna channel. 

The Hara point, is the key to calm our mind instantly, therefore when we need to taming our mind, we need this hara point and the techniques to exploit it. Any meditation techniques which don't use this Hara point, such as using mantra, objects and koan, may takes time to tame mind chatter and entering meditation state, alpha state. But, using Hara point, the mind almost instantly quiet at the time the vitality enter rightly to sumshumna channel.

Qi, as we usually called the vitality energy, upon entering Hara point, will directly enter Sumshumna channel located inside our backbone, going up to our brain, instantly bring calm and inner peace to our mind. Then, qi nourish our cakras, our hormones will be released and we feel joy and bliss as it occurs. Perhaps what ancient people talk about nectar of gods, they actually refer to this experience.

When i comparing spiritual texts of many traditions, i found that Hara point is used to control Kundalini flow inside Sumshumna. As we know about Kundalini energy, it runs through Sumshumna, Ida and Pinggala, and its massive energy always run violently inside those channels. Most of the world spiritual traditions fear this process and suggesting certain controls toward Kundalini flows. They suggesting mixing Qi from the air with Kundalini to balance and reduce its flow, while opening the blockage along the channels.

From my perspective, Kundalini practice, may  activate certain hormones near our tailbone and triggering chemical process which release a lot of heat energy. If the energy find blockage inside the channels  and cannot find way out,  the energy may destroy qi balance within the organs, dry up all liquid within or destroying neural cell due to overloaded energy.

However, mixing the Kundalini energy with qi from the air, may slow down  its current and provide the neural cells and organs to adapt with new level of energy. Therefore promoting balance in each organs and channel, though its slower to reach brain, but its is considered as a safe way to raise Kundalini energy. 

The problem with Hara point practice is, it is almost hard to find the exact location of this point. The text said, it is three finger below our navel. But, actually every one has different finger sizes, and its position may not be same for everyone, in addition it is quite hard to feel during meditation. When first practicing technique s with Hara point in meditation, we often misplaced it with our navel, then found no result in such practice.

If we correctly find the point, and able to guide qi from the air or Reiki, instant result will be achieved, though we still need more practices to stabilized our body energy and advance more in our spiritual practices.

Disease is....

In the light of Yin-Yang theory, when our body get a disease, it is mainly caused by an imbalance between Yin and Yang within our body. Though it looks simple, but it is quite complicated, however in general, there are two categories of imbalance, which is  relative predominance yin or yang, and relative decline of yin or yang.

Relative predominance of yin-yang means that our body get excess of yin or yang because of invasion of pathogenic factors which cause imbalance of yin-yang within our body. For an example, the invasion of bacteria which cause throat infection and bring high fever, reddish complexion etc, is categorize as an excess of predominance yang. In time, the excess of yang factor, will consume body fluid and cause us to thirst more than usual, scanty urine and constipation. Therefore, because of predominance of yang consume body fluid, the relative predominance of yang is said to caused the disease of yin.

Then, relative predominance of yin means that our body get invasion of pathogenic thing in yin nature. The best example of this is common cold. In common cold, our body get excess of yin, which bring a disease of yang. So, when yin pathogenic nature invade, it will bring  cold symptoms such as aversion to cold, cold limbs and cold abdominal pain also yang-deficiency syndrome such as whitish complexion, lassitude, frequent lying on bed, slow and weak pulse.

Instead of get excess as in relative predominance of yin-yang, the relative decline of yin-yang,is a condition of impairment because of the yin or yang factor within our body decline below normal level. Consequently bring associated syndrome to our body. It is said that " deficiency of yang leading to cold" and "deficiency of yin leading to heat"  to show how a decline in yang will bring cold because of inability of yang to restrain the yin within and a decline of yin will bring fever, night sweating, etc, because of inability of yin to restrain the yang within.

After all, the yin cannot exist without the yang, and yang cannot exist without the yin, therefore when a disease develop morbidly and cause a condition known as "loss of yin" or "loss of yang"  death may occur as yin and yang separated.

Do you believe in Reiki?

When a lot of people around the globe amazed with Reiki, there are some argue that Reiki is just hoax. At times it is a discouraging comments spreading skepticism around the web. Yes, it is quite discouraging, years before i felt i have been taking a bad pills by believing that Reiki can heal any diseases. Why? because every times i  lay may hand to give Reiki to my body or my patients, no diseases or illnesses can be heal.

Most of all, i felt better, then the pain, disease or illnesses would come back any moments, and left nothing to proof that Reiki just touch it. It was a discouraging moment, but i have strong intuition that something is not right, Reiki should be effective as sensei Usui said. It is not a custom for a meditator such as sensei Usui which seek enlightenment to tell a lie for the sake of profit.

Organs in Yin-yang

In the light of Yin-Yang theory, we can also categorize a human body’s tissues and organs into several classifications. The key point here is, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) believe that human body is an organic whole. Which means, an organ depend on other organ’s functions and a disease on an organ will create functional disturbance on another organs.

The yin yang Theory

In Chinese culture, the yin-yang theory is deeply rooted. It is the ground philosophy which serves as the basis for any conceptual thinking that Chinese people have. Therefore it is also play an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) . It is used to diagnose, prescribe and treat any illnesses.
Then What is the Yin-yang theory?

The importance of no-thought in Reiki

In all Reiki traditions, it is taught that we need to let Reiki doing the healing process, and we do not need to use any will or intention to do healing. We've been taught this to avoid any negativity transferred from our patients to us. Also, any intention will become obstacles for Reiki energy flow, thus make healing process slower.

But, it happens that this is the most difficult thing to do in Reiki practices. First, how can we avoid intention when a desire to give Reiki itself is in-fact an intention? secondly, our emotions are triggered so hard when healing our beloved one and the last one, we want to have patients who pay for our services, we desperately need result or they want become our patients anymore.

Hui Yin, The root chakra

Have you ever wonder, where are the chakras lies in our bodies. Is it real or it just metaphor?

Well, if you have such questions, i may help you to save your time a little bit. The chakras do have its physical organ, which we called it glands, except for crown chakra and the root chakra. From the ajna chakra till the svadisthana cakra(sex chakra)  they all have its physical glands. That's why when activated, we can feel certain feeling, bliss, good feeling, etc.

But, the crown chakra doesn't represented by a gland, it is however the representation of our cortex brain full activation. Not suprisingly that the holy men of  the past.

Now, what about the root chakra. 

The root chakra, called in sanskrit as mooladhara chakra, the beginning. Some say that it is located in front of our tail bone. The accupuncturist called it is the Hui Yin spot.

I do not know exactly what it represented in physical organ, i guess it is a group of nerve which transport the energy from bowel to our nerve system in our backbone.

If you focus your attention to this spot with the intention of reiki flowing through this spot, you will feel a kundalini like feeling....